The 2023 Research Grant Application is now Closed.

AANA distributes grants for clinical or basic science research in the field of arthroscopic surgery or disorders amenable to arthroscopic treatment. The grant funding pool for 2023 has doubled from recent years and AANA hopes to fund one research project at US$50,000 and six projects at US$25,000. Fund amounts may vary depending on need and quality of work submitted.

The criteria for evaluation are:

  • Scientific Validity
  • Feasibility
  • Clinical Relevance
  • Ability to Complete

For the 2023 grant year, special consideration will be given to research applications focused on the following Level 1 research areas:

  • Ultrasound guided percutaneous needle tenotomy vs. open tenotomy for lateral epicondylitis
  • Arthroscopic meniscectomy vs. physical therapy
  • Superior Capsular Reconstruction (SCR) vs. primary rotator cuff repair (complete or partial)
  • MPFL reconstruction vs. physical therapy
  • Bankart + remplissage vs. Bankart repair
  • Tenx vs. open tennis debridement for lateral epicondylitis
  • Arthroscopic Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis (ECRB) release vs. open debridement
  • Tendon debridement (patella, peroneal, quad) vs. physical therapy
  • Arthroscopic labral reconstruction (hip)

Special consideration will also be given to the following general research areas:

  • Comparative, prospective or randomized studies on:
    • ACL repair and ACL augmentation
    • OA after ACL injury and surgery
    • Psychological readiness to return to sport
    • Sleep disturbance and musculoskeletal pathology
    • Hip FAI Outcomes and Predicators of Outcome
    • Hip capsular management
    • Shoulder bone loss management
    • Rotator cuff patch and/or SCR augmentation
    • Knee ALL or LET augmentation
  • Biologics, cell and injection therapies:
    • for osteoarthritis
    • for soft tissue pathology
    • as an adjunct to surgery

Review the Submission Guidelines (PDF) and Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) .

View past recipients of AANA's research grant program.

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