Thank you for your interest in completing the Happiness Project initiated by AANA President John M. Tokish, M.D., FAANA. The survey consists of 98 mixed-response questions and should only be completed by licensed physicians.

  • All answers provided will remain anonymous.
  • There is no time allotment required for completion.
  • If you do not meet the qualifications for completing this survey, please navigate away from this page.

A message from Project Founder John M. Tokish, M.D., FAANA:


The purpose of this survey is to collect quantifiable data from members in the orthopaedic community to better gauge their level of happiness with their current lifestyle.

  • Please set aside 12-15 minutes to complete this survey.
  • Your answers should reflect your current overall social, economic and personal well-being, as they relate to your profession.
  • Our hope is that the information collected will lead to a publication that supports physicians across all fields and better understands their well-being.
  • Since a predictive model will be built around the data provided, it is crucial that each question is answered to the best of your knowledge and no questions are skipped.

We sincerely thank you and appreciate your time, dedication and willingness to participate.

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